What is Inspiration,

There are moments, events in time and places, experiences in my life when I feel incredibly inspired to create. I am a creative person and I feel submerged in time when I am in flow of creativity. It could be having just left an art museum, painting or drawing, even making lego with my kids. Sometimes, when writing too but I don’t think I have really done enough of that to know yet for sure.

Then there is this idea of collective unconscious. This feeling or belief of simple inference that we somehow are made up of and led forward not just by each and every one of our own individual experiences, but through the experiences of those closest to us and even of our ancestors who have gone before us. Each and every experience is programmed into our existence that has come through previous generations. Perhaps it is a natural phenomena that happens to allow us to continually evolve as a human species.

What has this got to do with inspiration? I believe this is exactly what inspiration is. It is a form of pre-experience that promotes the necessity for continual and progressive evolution and post-experience. We know that the future does not yet exist, at least in any form that we have understood possible. We know that the past no longer exists, again as we conceive it to be. This leaves the present which is only ever fleeting and left to materialise in whatever way we feel it to be inspired at any given moment. These moments of inspiration come from our collective experiences as I have mentioned both personal and ancestral past. They go beyond conscious thinking and so mostly feel beyond our control. This feeling of lacking control of our experiences is what drives us to seek out inspiration, when all we really need to do is look inward to each and every present moment. Trust in our evolution. It is the only place where we can find experience and inspiration.

In our mind’s eye, evolution takes a long long time. We have evolved to where we feel we can no longer wait. We want now. Now. Now. Now. But we are too caught up in the concept’s of past and future to feel the inspiration of the present moment. Knowing now is the most inspirational time that we can have, that it can be the only source of all these other superfluous moments that we so crave to experience, is inspiration.

In just seven generations you have 128 great-great-great-great-great grandparents that share a world of experience with you. Without one of their existence, you would not exist.

So, be inspired to be what you want to be now and then history doesn’t matter, the future doesn’t matter; it all morphs horizontally in time into this one vertical shaft of momentary experience, light, joy and inspiration, of each and every experience that has gone before and will come after. Moment your inspiration. You are already inspired.