How have you changed... lately? Last week, last month.. last year?

This is a question that came up in a book I am reading about Leadership.

I have started drawing again. I have started reading again only this time with conviction, with a proven method to help understand, learn and enjoy more; that is by keeping a notepad and pen by my side and taking notes on what I read, making sure I understand everything the author is saying before moving on.

In the past, I read just to try and finish the book, to be able to say I have read some more. It is a great feeling to finish a book and that is all I was after, I wasn't too bothered about understanding the content or thinking in any great depth about the main points the author was making. I would constantly check the page numbers to see how much was left to finish. I have always known but now I realise how pointless this is, it defeats the purpose of reading anything in the first place!

I have regained my desire to start painting again, with already a strong project in mind and some preliminary drawings done. I just need to keep this desire alive now, for long enough to get started! This was always my biggest obstacle to continue to paint; rapid loss of inspiration. I don't know why it happens. I could go to a museum or observe the perfect composition in waking and get very excited about starting to paint, but by the time I got home the inspiration would have evaporated. This time I know it is different, I have grown.

I have changed my life entirely. Just over one year ago I was living in Ireland with my wife and daughter, family and friends, my job. Today I am living in the interior of Brazil, in the state of Sao Paulo with my wife and daughter, my new son who was born here almost one year ago, my new family and friends and my new job. I never believed my life could ever have changed so much, but it has. I can only be growing.